best insoles for flat feet

The insole is an important part of a shoe. Insoles are responsible for providing comfort and foot support. When selecting a shoe, you need to observe the type of insole in the shoe. The best insoles for flat feet provide relief to those with Plantar Fasciitis. Going an extra mile to get insoles that have an arch support offers the best support for the feet. Some of the best insoles for flat feet include:


Cross Trainer by Spenco


These ideal insoles cover feet problems. They provide thrice the benefits of ordinary insoles. Cross Trainers are designed to reduce friction, absorb shock, and make the feet energetic. These insoles are made using closed –

cell nitrogen and polyurethane. The sole is designed to offer heel and arch support. These insoles can be used in both casual and sport shoes. The heel and the ball of the foot area have an extra cushioning. The insole also has a four way stretch nylon, which is responsible in cutting down friction.

Super Flat Blue by Superfeetsuper-flat-blue-by-superfeet

The super flat blue is listed among the best insoles for flat feet due to its unique design. They are able to fit different feet shapes successfully. This insole best serves the feet with low or medium arches. The insole is covered using an antibacterial cover, which protects the feet from microbial infestations. This cover also helps prevent foot odor on the shoe. The heel cup is specially designed to offer proper support for the heel of the foot. This insole is ideal for sport shoes, casual wear, and hiking boots. They can also be used in dress shoes.

3/4 Arch Support by Spenco


Just as the name suggests, this insole operates using the 3/4 length feature. They have an adequate arch support that offers the best balance for the feet. They have a special cushioning system

while leaving an extra space for sensitive toes. The insole has a closed – cell nitrogen injected material, which offers shock absorption. This insole fits all foot types and can be used in different shoe types. The insole is covered using a stretch fabric that counters friction thus reducing any occurrence of discomfort.

Arch Support Ortholic by Footcarearch-support-ortholic-by-footcare

Orthotics are well designed to offer the best support for the feet. They are also designed for comfort through the cushion material on the insoles. These are the best insoles for flat feet in relieving pain from the feet. They also offer support that relieves the knees and the back from pain. The insoles are made using polyurethane. The top section of the insole is made of suede fabric protecting the feet from sweat.

Insole Gel Pads for Kids and Adultsinsole-gel-pads-for-kids-and-adults

These insoles are designed to protect and cushion the feet. They have a peculiar feature though are listed among the best insoles for flat feet. They are made of super soft gel material. Their build is designed to offer arch support for the foot through the midsole insole region. The silicone gel in the insole provides relief from pain and works at preventing of straining in the muscles at the foot sole. They are easy to care for and easy to use too.