Choosing The Right Shoes For Athletes

A good pair of shoes is an essential needed gear in any type of sport. A proper pair of shoes which fit your feet can make huge differences in your performance. Therefore, it is worth to deeply consider before buying a pair of shoes.

Choosing The Right Shoes For Athletes

Moreover, a good pair of athletic shoes can prevent injuries when you move. Thus, it is reasonable to invest in a proper-fitting pair of shoes. There is a help from the store where you will buy your shoes. However, you should take the time to have little consideration for your need and feet type before choosing any pair of shoes.

It is better if you can get your athletic shoes from specialty stores than the normal one. In specialty stores, they have more oriented products which meet your need more. Besides, it is also be trusted that they have quite high-quality products. Staffs in specialty stores can help you value your picked shoes and help with fitting.

Athletic Shoes’ Category

It depends on your kind of moving to pick running, training or walking shoes. The different intention in your types of sports leads to various choices in athletic shoes. Basically, athletic shoes include these three types of shoes which fit people who hiking, jogging or exercising.

In different types of shoes, you may require distinctive demands for the shoes. For example, you might need a soft upper, rocker sole, great shock absorption for a pair of walking shoes. Whereas the best footwear for walking all day should have cushioning, flexibility, stability, and lightweight to support every single step.

It is actually a little bit more complicated when you think about the playground in which you are going to interfere. For court sports such as tennis, basketball or volleyball, your body need more strengths and support from the soles of the shoes since you need to move a lot backward, forward and around.

Soccer, football, and baseball are sorted as a field sport. The movement of your body and feet vary a lot in a match. Therefore, the most appropriate shoes for field sports should be cleated or spiked. There are sports such as aerobic, hunting or golf that also need special consideration when it comes to shoes.

Design Features

There is numerous design when you think about sports shoes. Manufacturers have made various attractive outlook design to convince people on buying their shoes. However, the important thing is you need to value a pair of shoes by its inside not outside look.

A good pair of shoes is again a pair of shoes which can support your movement and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, it can also prevent you from some injuries or foot problems. When it comes to shoes’ design, you might think of slip-lasted, board-lasted and combination-lasted shoes.

A pair of slip-lasted shoes is lightweight and flexible since the upper is sewn and glued to the soles. While a pair of board-lasted shoes is made by sewing upper leather of a cardboard material. Consequently, it provides more support and control for flat arch people. A pair of combination-lasted shoes have both advantages of the two named types including good heel control and flexibility.

Arch Support

You might need to consult your podiatrist to know if what kind of arch your feet is. There are three types including flat, low and high arch feet. If you do not choose a proper pair of shoes which fit your arch type, it can lead to a further problem in your feet.

Problems are usually caused by shoe modifications, stretching, conditioning, etc. Special inserts made by the exclusive material can be used to support the area in your feet and release the problem. For your information, orthotics can help you revise your arch and correct your arch support.

Fitting Problem

It is all about fitting when talking about a pair of shoes. How you can do your best in a match or a practice if you are wearing a wrong fitting pair of shoes. Moreover, there are foot problems such as a blister, athlete’s foot, corns, and calluses, etc. which can respond to wrong fitting shoes.

It means nothing even if you wear the best pair of shoes in the world but it does not fit you. You are suggested to measure your feet and get your feet size. Then the best way is to try the shoes on before you buy it. However, you should try the shoes on after the workout or in the late afternoon when your feet is at its biggest size.

Besides, you should give some space for your toes as well. The toe box should be spacious enough for you to feel comfortable. Especially for those people who have hammertoes and bunions, wide toe box can help them feel comfortable when they move.

Replace Your Shoes Regularly

When a pair of shoes reaches its limits in using, you should replace it with new shoes since the old one can not give you much support as expected. When a pair of shoes past its prime, it will not support your feet and ankles anymore, which can affect your feet health. Replacing your shoes can cost you lots and can be considered as expensive. However, you can cut down the money used for a medical problem.

It is not so hard to define when you should get a new pair of shoes. If you regularly use your shoes, a couple of months is a good time to have a new pair of shoes. Even though you are not using your shoes frequently, you should change it after years. Because outdoor factors from the environment can also break the shoes down.

For specific measurement, you can follow this result from a study by American Academy of Podiatrist Sports Medicine. The time to change your shoes is after 300 to 500 miles of running and walking. It is also equal to 45 to 60 hours of playing basketball, tennis or aerobic.

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