Best Insoles For Standing All Day

There are many negative impacts caused by standing on the hard concrete flooring for a long time. However, shoe insoles are products specifically designed to keep you stay in comfort when you have to stand on the hard ground in a long time. They are also designed to fit each foot shape in order that you can easily choose one. Here is some useful information about the best insole for standing all day.



How to take care of your insoles?

The best insoles are not actually the most expensive, but they have to deserve their value. Sure, most of you hope your new insoles last as longer as better. Normally, you can use your insoles about 12 months or even more if you take care of them properly. There are many ways to take care of your insoles:

Clean them: Clean gently insoles with a dry towel and you can easily remove surface moisture. Then, keep insoles clean by using a damp, soft cloth, and mild detergent. You need to know that water may damage many foam cushions and cloth covered insoles, so you should not wash your insoles with water.

Put them in a sunny place: You should remove your insoles regularly if your feets are in a humid environment. It’s also essential for those who have sweaty or wet feet. We recommend you to remove moisture and dry out every two days.

Keep them stay in the flat: You can’t ignore this process because it’s really important. That will make your insoles out of their original shape. By keeping your dry insoles in the flat, you can get a provision of the best arch support, especially when insoles loose their shape as well as their original function.

Allow them to dry completely: The time for this process depends on how wet your insoles and your style of insoles. You can take overnight or several days to make your insole dry completely. If they are not dry, comfort performance will be reduced.

Best insole for standing all day


You can get complete comfort for long standing with any of following shoe insoles. You simply just need to choose the best suitable one.

Super copper DMP premium insoles

You have to pay about $50 for these insoles. However, you will get a pair of high-end insoles and the most comfortable therapeutic tool. It is suitable for standing on the concrete floors all day as well as walking back for more than 10 hours a day. They are designed with the 3 layers of memory foam. Besides, it is also a good choice for sweet feets. They are durable products and high functions. Therefore, this is a great choice for standing on concrete floors all day.

Spenco Polysorb heavy duty insoles

You just need to cost $13 for this product, and you still get maximum cushioning and support. This is a special unit for anyone who want to add to their work boots or shoes. They come with a layer of shock-absorbing materials so that you will feet comfortable when standing on the hard ground all day long. Moreover, they also help to prevent blisters while controlling odor. They are added to cushioning and shock absorption at the heel in order to keep your feets in any situation like outdoor or indoor. You should choose these insoles because of its affordable price.

Dr.scholl’s massaging gel work insoles

This is one of the most popular insoles on the market today. This not only is a good design but also brings you comfort. They come with a new dual-wave soft gel cushion that suits for standing all day, even when you have to stand on an uneven ground or work on a hard surface. You should consider using them.

New balance insoles IUSA3810 supportive cushioning insole

Not cheap options, they can be classified to high-end products. Their costs are at around $40. But, you can escape from sharp pains in the foot. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for orthotics arch support. Besides, they come with the extra Deep heel cup that helps to support and stabilize your feet. These insoles are suitable for high and neutral arch feet.

With these insoles, you can also get comfort if you have athlete’s feet or sweaty feets. New Balance provides the comfort, quality of construction and durability, and support. Thus, they will be great choices for anyone who has to work or stand more than 8 hours per day.


These products are recommended to use if you are wondering whether the best insoles for standing all day is. Read our article carefully to get more useful information in order to choose more easily.

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