Choosing The Right Shoes For Athletes

A good pair of shoes is an essential needed gear in any type of sport. A proper pair of shoes which fit your feet can make huge differences in your performance. Therefore, it is worth to deeply consider before buying a pair of shoes.

Choosing The Right Shoes For Athletes

Moreover, a good pair of athletic shoes can prevent injuries when you move. Thus, it is reasonable to invest in a proper-fitting pair of shoes. There is a help from the store where you will buy your shoes. However, you should take the time to have little consideration for your need and feet type before choosing any pair of shoes.

It is better if you can get your athletic shoes from specialty stores than the normal one. In specialty stores, they have more oriented products which meet your need more. Besides, it is also be trusted that they have quite high-quality products. Staffs in specialty stores can help you value your picked shoes and help with fitting.

Athletic Shoes’ Category

It depends on your kind of moving to pick running, training or walking shoes. The different intention in your types of sports leads to various choices in athletic shoes. Basically, athletic shoes include these three types of shoes which fit people who hiking, jogging or exercising.

In different types of shoes, you may require distinctive demands for the shoes. For example, you might need a soft upper, rocker sole, great shock absorption for a pair of walking shoes. Whereas the best footwear for walking all day should have cushioning, flexibility, stability, and lightweight to support every single step.

It is actually a little bit more complicated when you think about the playground in which you are going to interfere. For court sports such as tennis, basketball or volleyball, your body need more strengths and support from the soles of the shoes since you need to move a lot backward, forward and around.

Soccer, football, and baseball are sorted as a field sport. The movement of your body and feet vary a lot in a match. Therefore, the most appropriate shoes for field sports should be cleated or spiked. There are sports such as aerobic, hunting or golf that also need special consideration when it comes to shoes.

Design Features

There is numerous design when you think about sports shoes. Manufacturers have made various attractive outlook design to convince people on buying their shoes. However, the important thing is you need to value a pair of shoes by its inside not outside look.

A good pair of shoes is again a pair of shoes which can support your movement and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, it can also prevent you from some injuries or foot problems. When it comes to shoes’ design, you might think of slip-lasted, board-lasted and combination-lasted shoes.

A pair of slip-lasted shoes is lightweight and flexible since the upper is sewn and glued to the soles. While a pair of board-lasted shoes is made by sewing upper leather of a cardboard material. Consequently, it provides more support and control for flat arch people. A pair of combination-lasted shoes have both advantages of the two named types including good heel control and flexibility.

Arch Support

You might need to consult your podiatrist to know if what kind of arch your feet is. There are three types including flat, low and high arch feet. If you do not choose a proper pair of shoes which fit your arch type, it can lead to a further problem in your feet.

Problems are usually caused by shoe modifications, stretching, conditioning, etc. Special inserts made by the exclusive material can be used to support the area in your feet and release the problem. For your information, orthotics can help you revise your arch and correct your arch support.

Fitting Problem

It is all about fitting when talking about a pair of shoes. How you can do your best in a match or a practice if you are wearing a wrong fitting pair of shoes. Moreover, there are foot problems such as a blister, athlete’s foot, corns, and calluses, etc. which can respond to wrong fitting shoes.

It means nothing even if you wear the best pair of shoes in the world but it does not fit you. You are suggested to measure your feet and get your feet size. Then the best way is to try the shoes on before you buy it. However, you should try the shoes on after the workout or in the late afternoon when your feet is at its biggest size.

Besides, you should give some space for your toes as well. The toe box should be spacious enough for you to feel comfortable. Especially for those people who have hammertoes and bunions, wide toe box can help them feel comfortable when they move.

Replace Your Shoes Regularly

When a pair of shoes reaches its limits in using, you should replace it with new shoes since the old one can not give you much support as expected. When a pair of shoes past its prime, it will not support your feet and ankles anymore, which can affect your feet health. Replacing your shoes can cost you lots and can be considered as expensive. However, you can cut down the money used for a medical problem.

It is not so hard to define when you should get a new pair of shoes. If you regularly use your shoes, a couple of months is a good time to have a new pair of shoes. Even though you are not using your shoes frequently, you should change it after years. Because outdoor factors from the environment can also break the shoes down.

For specific measurement, you can follow this result from a study by American Academy of Podiatrist Sports Medicine. The time to change your shoes is after 300 to 500 miles of running and walking. It is also equal to 45 to 60 hours of playing basketball, tennis or aerobic.

best insoles for flat feet

The insole is an important part of a shoe. Insoles are responsible for providing comfort and foot support. When selecting a shoe, you need to observe the type of insole in the shoe. The best insoles for flat feet provide relief to those with Plantar Fasciitis. Going an extra mile to get insoles that have an arch support offers the best support for the feet. Some of the best insoles for flat feet include:


Cross Trainer by Spenco


These ideal insoles cover feet problems. They provide thrice the benefits of ordinary insoles. Cross Trainers are designed to reduce friction, absorb shock, and make the feet energetic. These insoles are made using closed –

cell nitrogen and polyurethane. The sole is designed to offer heel and arch support. These insoles can be used in both casual and sport shoes. The heel and the ball of the foot area have an extra cushioning. The insole also has a four way stretch nylon, which is responsible in cutting down friction.

Super Flat Blue by Superfeetsuper-flat-blue-by-superfeet

The super flat blue is listed among the best insoles for flat feet due to its unique design. They are able to fit different feet shapes successfully. This insole best serves the feet with low or medium arches. The insole is covered using an antibacterial cover, which protects the feet from microbial infestations. This cover also helps prevent foot odor on the shoe. The heel cup is specially designed to offer proper support for the heel of the foot. This insole is ideal for sport shoes, casual wear, and hiking boots. They can also be used in dress shoes.

3/4 Arch Support by Spenco


Just as the name suggests, this insole operates using the 3/4 length feature. They have an adequate arch support that offers the best balance for the feet. They have a special cushioning system

while leaving an extra space for sensitive toes. The insole has a closed – cell nitrogen injected material, which offers shock absorption. This insole fits all foot types and can be used in different shoe types. The insole is covered using a stretch fabric that counters friction thus reducing any occurrence of discomfort.

Arch Support Ortholic by Footcarearch-support-ortholic-by-footcare

Orthotics are well designed to offer the best support for the feet. They are also designed for comfort through the cushion material on the insoles. These are the best insoles for flat feet in relieving pain from the feet. They also offer support that relieves the knees and the back from pain. The insoles are made using polyurethane. The top section of the insole is made of suede fabric protecting the feet from sweat.

Insole Gel Pads for Kids and Adultsinsole-gel-pads-for-kids-and-adults

These insoles are designed to protect and cushion the feet. They have a peculiar feature though are listed among the best insoles for flat feet. They are made of super soft gel material. Their build is designed to offer arch support for the foot through the midsole insole region. The silicone gel in the insole provides relief from pain and works at preventing of straining in the muscles at the foot sole. They are easy to care for and easy to use too.




Nursing Shoes for Women

You are working in the nursing field, it’s important for you to keep yourself entirely comfortable at work. Of course, if you get the discomfort, your work will become more difficult. Also, you need the most comfortable nursing shoes for your feet at all times. Actually, there are many types of nursing shoes, so it’s not easy to choose the best one for you. In this post, we will help to guide you towards the best nursing shoes for women. Read this post to learn everything you need to know about the best shoes for nurses.

Nursing Shoes for Women


Nurse Mates Women’s Dove Slip-On Loafer

Most nurses will suggest you using this product as the very best nursing shoes in the market. This is one of the most reliable and comfortable nursing shoes for women. They come in many different sizes for a significantly long period of time.

You won’t worry about the price of Nurse Mates. They are extremely affordable with the high-quality leather material. They even can keep your feet entirely comfortable during 12 hours shift.


Dansko Women’s professional Patent Clog


For this product, you will have to spend little bit more with more customization. They are also considered to be one of the coolest nursing shoes for women. They are designed with a variety of colors and styles. Although they are a bit expensive, they are really reliable, cool, and comfortable for any women and also nurses.

They are made of heavy duty leather. Besides, they also have padded instep collar for added comfort. It’s also easy to clean them just with a damp cloth. With these shoes, you won’t have to worry about slipping and sliding because they have slip-resistant outsole.

They help to keep you comfortable throughout the day at the hospital due to full of exceptional arch support.

Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Touch Breeze

If you are concerning about the safety, this will be a good choice for you when looking for a pair of nursing shoes. This product is designed especially with a non-slip or slip-resistant outsole. It is great for flat feet.

Its heel has an air-cushion design in order to provide shock absorption as well as stability.

Plus, this unit is equipped with an air ventilation system for preventing overheating. Moreover, you can easily replace their insoles with your prescription orthotics because it’s easy to remove them.

Cherokee Women’s Anywears Clog

This shoe is perfect for customers who suffer from plantar fasciitis because it’s easy to remove the insole.

There are available innumerable colors for you to choose. Therefore, you can easily find a pair of shoes that suits your style and preferences.

Besides, it’s also easy to open and close back, so the shoe is very suitable for those that work long shifts. You can also easily clean them with antiseptic soap and water because they are made of waterproof DBL compound.


Above are four common types of the best shoes for nurses you should consider when purchasing a pair of shoes. They feature for all people, especially nurses. Depending on your style as well as your need, you can choose the best one for you.


Best Insoles For Standing All Day

There are many negative impacts caused by standing on the hard concrete flooring for a long time. However, shoe insoles are products specifically designed to keep you stay in comfort when you have to stand on the hard ground in a long time. They are also designed to fit each foot shape in order that you can easily choose one. Here is some useful information about the best insole for standing all day.



How to take care of your insoles?

The best insoles are not actually the most expensive, but they have to deserve their value. Sure, most of you hope your new insoles last as longer as better. Normally, you can use your insoles about 12 months or even more if you take care of them properly. There are many ways to take care of your insoles:

Clean them: Clean gently insoles with a dry towel and you can easily remove surface moisture. Then, keep insoles clean by using a damp, soft cloth, and mild detergent. You need to know that water may damage many foam cushions and cloth covered insoles, so you should not wash your insoles with water.

Put them in a sunny place: You should remove your insoles regularly if your feets are in a humid environment. It’s also essential for those who have sweaty or wet feet. We recommend you to remove moisture and dry out every two days.

Keep them stay in the flat: You can’t ignore this process because it’s really important. That will make your insoles out of their original shape. By keeping your dry insoles in the flat, you can get a provision of the best arch support, especially when insoles loose their shape as well as their original function.

Allow them to dry completely: The time for this process depends on how wet your insoles and your style of insoles. You can take overnight or several days to make your insole dry completely. If they are not dry, comfort performance will be reduced.

Best insole for standing all day


You can get complete comfort for long standing with any of following shoe insoles. You simply just need to choose the best suitable one.

Super copper DMP premium insoles

You have to pay about $50 for these insoles. However, you will get a pair of high-end insoles and the most comfortable therapeutic tool. It is suitable for standing on the concrete floors all day as well as walking back for more than 10 hours a day. They are designed with the 3 layers of memory foam. Besides, it is also a good choice for sweet feets. They are durable products and high functions. Therefore, this is a great choice for standing on concrete floors all day.

Spenco Polysorb heavy duty insoles

You just need to cost $13 for this product, and you still get maximum cushioning and support. This is a special unit for anyone who want to add to their work boots or shoes. They come with a layer of shock-absorbing materials so that you will feet comfortable when standing on the hard ground all day long. Moreover, they also help to prevent blisters while controlling odor. They are added to cushioning and shock absorption at the heel in order to keep your feets in any situation like outdoor or indoor. You should choose these insoles because of its affordable price.

Dr.scholl’s massaging gel work insoles

This is one of the most popular insoles on the market today. This not only is a good design but also brings you comfort. They come with a new dual-wave soft gel cushion that suits for standing all day, even when you have to stand on an uneven ground or work on a hard surface. You should consider using them.

New balance insoles IUSA3810 supportive cushioning insole

Not cheap options, they can be classified to high-end products. Their costs are at around $40. But, you can escape from sharp pains in the foot. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for orthotics arch support. Besides, they come with the extra Deep heel cup that helps to support and stabilize your feet. These insoles are suitable for high and neutral arch feet.

With these insoles, you can also get comfort if you have athlete’s feet or sweaty feets. New Balance provides the comfort, quality of construction and durability, and support. Thus, they will be great choices for anyone who has to work or stand more than 8 hours per day.


These products are recommended to use if you are wondering whether the best insoles for standing all day is. Read our article carefully to get more useful information in order to choose more easily.

New method to improve height

There is no denying the fact that having an ideal height is a benefit not only in the daily life but also in business. There are many people whose height is quite limited which make them unconfident every time they have to contact with others. Many of them even get several troubles due to owning a limited height. For instance, if a short person lost in a crowd, it is very hard to find him.


It does raise a question: how can the people with limited height improve their pitch? There are a lot of methods to make a person look higher such as cosmetic surgery, taking functional food or taking advantages of insoles. Cosmetic surgery can be hurtful, expensive and hazardous. Taking functional food takes a long time to show its effects on your body and has harmful side-effects sometimes. Therefore, the best solution for people having limited height is insoles because it is cheap, convenient, safe and good for our health, especially for improve the height. The color as well as the size of insoles is various which are designed to be suitable for everybody at every age. In these following parts, I will mention about how to choose the right insole for your shoes.


Colors of Insoles

There is a sea of color out there that you can choose to buy. However, some tips you should note before deciding pick some insoles home are that you can choose your favorite color but if that color does not match with your shoes, it will be a big problem. Because it will make the whole outfit unfashionable; the person wearing that even feel unconfident. So the most important note when you buy insoles is that you should choose which one has the color similar with the color of your shoes or at least the insoles color can be matched with the shoes one fashionably.

Forms of Insoles

Besides the diversity of color, the form of insoles used to improve height is abundant and divided into two types. The first type has its length equal to half of your foot. The remaining one has its length equal to the total length of your foot. So what kind is better? The first type can be directly put in socks or shoe sole. By this way, rapidly, you improve your height secretly; it is hard for other people to discover that you are wearing insoles. To ensure safety when moving, you are recommended to buy insoles with the height lower than 3cm.

The second type is much easier to wear due to its homogeneous block structure. When using this one, you just put it above the shoe sole and then put the shoe insole to cover it. And you are some centimeters higher than normal, and no one knows that you use the insoles. The second type is more popular because it is more convenient and safer.

Size of Insoles

It would be so regrettable if the scale of the insole is bigger or smaller than your shoe size. Therefore, make sure that you buy the shoes and the insoles the same size. So that the feeling of inconvenience will not come to you; you even feel much more confident when wearing suitable fitting shoe insoles.


The insole is not only diversified in form or color but also the materials. They are often produced with the materials such as: Styrofoam, Velvet, Plastic or Silicon. The different types of materials will bring different feelings and durability for users.

Plastic insoles are hard and harsh; wearing this kind of insoles in a long time can cause some diseases related to your skin. I strongly advise you not to use plastic insoles.

The insoles made from Velvet or Styrofoam is more convenient and popular thanks to soft structure. Nevertheless, the durability is not high because Styrofoam insoles will be flat after a long time in use. Therefore, Silicone is the best material because it converges all good quality such as soft, durable and convenient.


You absolutely can own insoles with the height from 1.5cm-12cm. In recent years, insoles also are designed separately, instead of a homogeneous block; it can be divided into small pieces in order to be convenient for using. You can lower the insoles by unbinding one, two or three pieces from the insoles. This kind helps to save your time and money because it is no need to by insoles with different volumes. You just buy one and use it for many types of shoes that you have. The homogeneous block insoles bring absolute safety but it is not flexible.


So these are some tips to choose good insoles. Remember to choose the shoes and the insoles in the same size; the color of the insoles must be similar to the color of the shoes. And also do not forget tips about the height and materials of the insoles.




Neato Robotics XV-12 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Overall Score

Robotic vacuums are becoming very popular items. What’s not to love about a machine that does a tedious chore with very little human intervention? Well, “very little” is the key phrase. There are several manufacturers to choose from and each has several models all requiring different amounts of help. I took a close look at the Neato Robotics XV-12 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner and this is what I found.


Neato Robotics XV-12 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

While the industry leading iRobot brand of Best car vacuum uses a nearly random method of covering your floor, Neato has developed a more intelligent method with their Room Positioning System (RPS). RPS uses a laser based vision system to map your room and the obstacles in it. This map is then used to plot the most efficient pattern to cover it, updating the map all the time for new obstacles that may have entered. This system allows the XV-12 to mark exactly where it left off if it has to return to the base to charge before finishing the room. The map also marks doorways so the vacuum can move on to the next room when it finishes one.

The XV-12 adjusts itself automatically when moving from hard floors to a rug or carpeted area. It also utilizes a bagless dust bin so there are no expensive bags to purchase.

The more efficient travel pattern saves battery power over the blindly random pattern of competing models and Neato wisely diverts this savings to the vacuum itself. It uses an compression impeller design that allows it to generate higher powered suction than other brands and actually competes with high end uprights on cleaning efficacy.

Features and Specifications

  • Room Positioning System to intelligently plot the most effective pattern to thoroughly clean the room.
  • It uses an advanced vacuum system to deliver enough suction to really clean that floor or carpet.
  • It intelligently returns to its base if it is in need of charging and when the job is complete.
  • It features a large dust bin for less emptying and more vacuuming.


Customer Reviews

The XV-12 has good but not stellar reviews. It was rated with a perfect five stars by 55% of reviewers and 73% gave it at least four stars. Praise was given for how effective it was at cleaning all different floor types. It moved from hard floors such as hardwood, laminate, or vinyl to carpet or area rugs and back again without missing a beat.

Although there is a more expensive model designed for pet owners, the consensus was that this one worked very well on pet hair and cat litter and nearly everyone claiming experience with competing models liked the XV-12’s cleaning pattern better.

There were complaints about it not getting right up against the walls or in the corners very well but I have trouble with those areas using a standard upright as well so I can’t really expect perfection from this little robot.

Others complained that the battery didn’t last as long as they thought it should before it had to be replaced, but I don’t see that as being Neato’s issue. It is a problem with our need for battery power outpacing the technology to provide it.


While I would prefer to see a higher percentage of five star reviews, the ratings are pretty good. I like the more intelligent aspects of the Neato Robotics XV-12 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner over its competitors and think it would fit right into nearly anybody’s cleaning routine.